Monday, November 24, 2008

Sari Jane

Now I know some of you are wondering where the name came from :) I've always liked the Sariah but it is just way too popular for us. So I thought we should shorten it! Cause even if we named her Sariah we'd probably just call her Sari anyways :) Sari means Princess or Nobel. (You pronounce it like Sara except with a "ee" at the end :))

Jane just seems to fit and I really like the meaning "God is Gracious". Which he has been to us, we didn't expect to have 1 baby let alone our dream of 4 :) Oh, and its really easy to yell ;) (a very important factor in a middle name, cause you only use it when they're in trouble...LOL)

We've got a bunch of spellings, but this is my favorite and Nash hasn't really voted other than saying he thinks he likes this one... So I guess it could change but I don't think it will :)


Anonymous said...

Love the name!!! Very beautiful!

Tiffany said...

So is it pronounced like Sariah without the 'ah' at the end? That's cute! I've always liked the name Jane too. Good choice.

landofnyedom said...

What a cute name. How's everything else with the pregnancy going? Hopefully well! :) Are you guys coming to Utah for Thanksgiving or sticking it out in Idaho?

KeeNan said...

So, Heather, I just received my Kirsten books (American Girl) and Kirsten has a doll named Sari. I'm sure you knew that, but I was excited to see it.