Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm done! Okay I'm done with knitting squares... Its taken 4 years, 9 miscarriages, and 2 pregnancies but I have done it. I've also come to decide that the blanket is not cursed...LOL for a while I was starting to wonder cause I would get preg and start knitting on it again and miscarry so for a while I wouldn't pick it up. Nash has been strick on the rule that I am only allowed 1 big project at a time, so I want to get this done so I can do something else :) Now I have to piece it all together and then crochet around the edge...hopefully that doesn't take me another 4 years!!!

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Rosa Family said...

Man....that is a tough one. They both look so cute! Great job!!! I think either way would be really great! I can't believe you can do that....I am so untalented in any crafty project! Way to go!!!!