Thursday, September 04, 2008

We went to the South Eastern State Fair for Labor day and it was really nice, cool and overcast, until it started to rain!!! We hid in the 4H building for about a half hour or so :) At least we had kettle corn to occupy us. Emory wanted this sweet baby goat, but we had to tell him no cause the apartment complex doesn't welcome goats as lawn mowers ;) The bunny Emory is petting took second in its class and was really soft! And as far as this pregnant person is concerned walking through animal barns is not a good thing when feeling sick!!!

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Angelo, Rebecca, and Babies said...

Aw...the smells at the state fair! How exciting for you!! :) Looks like the kids had a blast though. The animals were always our favorite too. McKenzie was 3 weeks old the first time she went to the fair!