Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back to School

So I've been reading all of my friends blogs on having to send their little ones off to school. Part of me feels sad that I haven't had to say good bye and send them off. But the bigger part of me LOVES the fact that I have the joy and privledge to be with them everyday and to be their teacher.

Don't get me wrong, my job is hard! Harder than just being a mom. But it is worth it and I'm glad we've made the choice to homeschool.

Yes it would be nice to be able to send them away and have someone else worry about teaching them. There are days I wish I could.

But then there are the days that I get to see the sparkle in their eyes as they learn something new. The days that we spend enjoying each other and having time to have fun and have time to enjoy the quiet parts of life.

Anyways this is just my little back to school post for us. We are different and loving it :)

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Angelo, Rebecca, and Babies said...

Homeschooling rocks!!